In year 2 of the research project, Dr. Carolyn Hopp, affiliate faculty from the College of Education, and DeShawn Sims, graduate research assistant, worked with 6 teachers on the Jones iTeam. The interdisciplinary team represented mathematics, science, English/language arts, social studies, and world languages. iPads, provided by the Center for Research in Education, Art, Technology, and Entertainment (CREATE). These 6 teachers used the iPads to enhance their instructional practices. Dr. Hopp and Ms Sims used a specific technology observation protocol for serving in classrooms. Teachers met each Friday to debrief and discuss the results of the instruction. From what we have learned so far, the teachers definitely see technology as a teaching tool. We are anxiously awaiting Florida Standardized Assessment (FSA) results for analysis.

Future Plans

We will continue the research and work with the Jones High School Leadership Team, which includes new principal, Roderick Waldon. He is pleased that UCF will continue to partner with Jones and will use the iPads for professional development of teachers in all content areas, which in this final phase of the research, will be the primary focus for Jones' transition to the OCPS technology model for schools. We will begin working with the team in September and continue through March.

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