Current Initiatives

  • A Gift For Music

    Provides tuition-free music education to underserved and urban youth, inspiring them with creative music-making opportunities. Youth participants learn the technical skills and musical knowledge needed to make music a lasting part of their lives, all while fostering a passion for music and self-expression. Each semester, youth showcase their hard work and dedication in free public concerts at local universities and colleges.

  • Art I & II

    Art I is an interdisciplinary art class offered to the Nap Ford Community School, and Bridge to Independence Private School. During the year students create art projects, study famous artwork, and artists from many periods and cultures. Art I focuses on foundational lessons teaching the students how to write about art, take care of supplies, how to draw, paint, and sculpt, as well as developing an overall appreciation for art.

    Art II focuses on exploring the concept of personal identity through interdisciplinary art projects, while placing a great deal of emphasis on building self-confidence, and critical thinking.

  • CREATE Summer Camps

    Features a myriad of activities including music, film/animation, digital media, computer programming, and art.

  • Digital/Mobile Storytelling in Parramore

    In this project, students worked with a local soul food restaurant owner and his family to create a digital story and mobile “situated documentary” using the ARIS (Augmented Reality Interactive Storytelling) tool developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • iPad Project

    An interdisciplinary project where teachers incorporated iPads in the classroom to enhance instructional practices. Six teachers representing mathematics, science, English/language arts, social studies, and world languages participated in the group and met each Friday to debrief and discuss the results of the instruction. Research will continue using iPads for teacher professional development from all content areas.

  • Nap Ford Community School Collaboration

    In partnership with the Nap Ford Community School, CREATE staff members and faculty affiliates and graduate students provide Professional Development training sessions for teachers, Additionally, we work with students in building long-lasting educational goals and values.

  • Orlando Science Center Collaboration

    Offering workshops for the Otronicon event, focusing on robotics and technology.

  • Parramore Traffic Box Project

    The project consists of six traffic boxes in the Parramore area of Downtown Orlando, which are to be painted under the theme of “I Have a Dream.”

  • PeruDigital

    PeruDigital is a digital ethnography project that presents Peruvian festivals on the Internet through an immersive and interactive environment. Explore the website on your own, or play along by learning as a festival sponsor, a performer, or an ethnogapher.

  • Tech Sassy Girlz

    An inquiry-based, experiential, hands-on program designed to increase the pipeline of under-represented girls in STEM related fields.

  • UCF Creates S.T.E.A.M.

    UCF CREATE, S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology,Engineering, Art, and Math) Academy is providing S.T.E.A.M. focused lessons for primary and secondary age students. Through innovative, hands-on activities, students will learn to work in groups, solving problems, planning, designing and integrating the best possible solution to complete several projects. The interdisciplinary topics focus on creative and critical thinking skills, prompting students to recognize how themes interconnect across subjects.

    UCF CREATE S.T.E.A.M. Academy welcomes a loggerhead sea turtle, Dash, to our classroom this year. She was adopted through Sea Turtle Conservancy.

Past Initiatives

  • Interactive Expeditions

    A mobile research lab that employs modern satellite technology and two-way video conferencing in order to connect at-home learners with instructors who are live in the field. By giving students the opportunity to communicate live and face-to-face with distant cultures and faraway peoples, INTX aim to replicate the advantages of hands-on learning for students in a virtual classroom setting.

  • Puerto Ricans in Central Florida 1940s to 1980s: A History

    In Kissimmee, in Orlando, in Deltona, in Sanford, and elsewhere live people whose roots are in Puerto Rico and whose lives have been in Central Florida for 50 to even 60 years. This is a story waiting to be told. The photographs and stories of everyday people sketch a history of the Puerto Rican community in Central Florida. Explore this link for more information and help us to tell the story.

  • Young Composers Challenge

    The Young Composers Challenge is open to young musicians in the Southeastern U.S. The Challenge is simple. First, you can take part in an extensive workshop with world-renowned composers. Then you will have all summer to write your own score. In September, a panel of judges chooses the top three orchestral and ensemble pieces, and these will be performed by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra at the Bob Carr Auditorium. The winners earn money for themselves and their music teacher.

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